Nuno Lourenco


Hello & Welcome To My Space!

Illustration and yoga are what have led me to where I am today. Both allow me to explore my inner and outer space and both are part of my healing process(know my mind, body, patterns, beliefs and feelings) so that I can see what is preventing me from loving myself. It has taken me my whole life to realize this. Truly knowing myself and how I work has become my way of life. I am what I do and what I do is who I am. I am happiest when I am doing the things that I love. What do you love to do….?…..

My illustrations are interpretations of the lessons I have learned in my life, insights and guidelines. It can be challenging at times to honour those guidelines and remember lessons I have learned in the past. As I go through challenges, obstacles or whatever I call those things that "get in the way" and honour those guidelines that I have set for myself I feel a greater sense of freedom, a greater sense of relief that allows me to see clearly and go with the flow. These guidelines, reminders for myself that I follow are not rules that are set in stone, but guidelines whose purpose is to light my way yet they allow me to be flexible at the same time instead of being rigid and stubborn. How do I know the difference? There lies the challenge, because what worked for a period of my life might not work for the next one, because whether I like or not I am always changing.

Right now the two projects I am working on relate to space and insight. I can see them both being life long projects. Insights are reflections of my inner and outer world. Unified in a single piece of art. Spaces is a reflection of the space where we go to reflect, nourish, rejuvenate be with our emotions, body, energy body, mind, patterns, beliefs. Where it all comes together. Where we can see the whole picture and the part we are playing in the universe . The more often we go to that space the clearer we see the picture the clearer we see ourselves and how we are connected to everything and everyone. BEing from that space is glorious. Living our daily life from that space of wholeness is AMAZING!!! Insight and space are limitless with no boundaries. They are infinit. There can never be too much insight or too much space.

If there was one rule in the world, in the universe this would be it for me

"Do what you love but harm none"